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Omar Diaz

Omar Diaz is the founder of Enfermo Kutz and how it all started is an interesting story. It all started several years back when OD was still young and was with some friends. He decided to cut his friend's hair and overtime practiced on him. He eventually gained  competence and got the hang of cutting hair. He started giving his friend really good haircuts til the point where people were telling his friend: "That is an enfermo kut (that's a sick cut in spanish.)" OD became known as the dude who gave sick fresh cuts. He started cutting more people's hair in his parent's mobile home. He started earning some income and then decided to follow this as a career. He went against all odds and graduated barber school. Next move on the list was to start his career as a barber. OD rented out a miniscule small studio room in a hair salon and started the come up story. Word got around that this one dude in a small room in a hair salon was giving out the freshest cuts in town. Overtime OD became respectfully known and gained status. His status never rose to his head, he is still as humble as when he started. After some time and hardwork OD achieved his dream. To open his own shop, which cultivated the name Enfermo Kutz. Why that name? Because that is where you get the sickest cut. There is still room to grow for this shop and with OD's ambition and vision Enfermo Kutz will be going far.

Angel Munguia

Angel Munguia. His journey started at the age of 19 with no intention of him taking it on a serious level. His incentive was just for grooming purposes. El Catrin was in a grey part of life for 13 years, only working at retail with no purpose in his life. As the years passed by, Angel became aware that this was not for him. Retail was not meant for him, he was meant for bigger things in life. He decided he would seek an education in business to help him prosper, while still maintaining a part time job. After some tough hustle, Angel completed school and was aware that that if he worked for himself he would have to ability to accommodate to his own schedule. Something he despised about his other job. This would allow him to spend more time with his family. Some time back , he was cutting his brothers hair Angel had an epiphany. He realized that barbering was exactly what he was looking for. He connected with Omar Diaz (OD) some time back to advance his cutting techniques. He then went to get the professional title of a certified barber. Rapidly after, Angel graduated he started working in Salinas at a shop. The connection with OD happened again and this time it was to come work at EKB (Enfermo kutz barbershop). Angel continues his journey as a professional barber at EKB. There mission is to make Enfermo Kutz a household name.

Uziel Arredondo

Uziel Arredondo's story is one you really hear from a movie. Being raised by a single mother and lacking having a father, Uziel never had opportunities others did. For example, going to a barber shop. For majority of his school life, Uzi would see kids with nice haircuts and would be amazed. The problem was he had never been to a barbershop and didn't even know what type of haircuts were the ones he liked. So at age 16, he went to library and started googling and doing his research on haircuts. He began to watch tutorials and self educated himself in that area. Christmas was coming around and when his mother asked what he wanted for his Christmas gift, Uzi replied "barber clippers." This was the beginning of the journey. He started practiced on himself and on his little brother. Over time word got around that Uzi was giving free haircuts and he started cutting people's hair in his mom's back porch. Over time he gained more competence and started charging $5 a cut, soon he was making over $35 a night as a 17 year old. At 19 a halt came into his barber career because he was having a child and a stable job. $35 a night wasn't going to make it, so Uzi worked at a full-time job for 6 years. Fortunately, one day,  he  met up with Omar (OD) and was convinced  that he should go to barber school and take it next level from there. Next week Uzi, signed up for barber school and worked full-time and cut hair at night until he graduated. As soon as he graduated, Omar (OD) had a spot for him at Enfermo Kutz. Uzi The Barber.

Daniel Perez

Daniel Perez started his journey at the age of 17. He is originally from Guerrero, Mexico. He found an interest in the barber industry due to the fact that he had to provide some sort of income for his family. he started by cutting up his family members. His dream came to a halt up until 2017. He decided that he wanted to make this hobby into his career. he took the leap and started his journey. In May of 2017, he started attending barber school in San Jose, CA.He knew this was the first step after not touching the clippers for a while. His first task was to find a licensed barber that he can work for as an apprentice. He started by searching local barbershops in the area. One day, however, he came across Enfermo Kutz and decided to walk in and get a haircut. Unfortunately, Omar was booked and had said he would have to wait till next week. Daniel then took this opportunity to ask Omar about an apprenticeship.  He explained that he just started school and that he really wanted to learn and noticed. that being busy was a good sign of business. Omar took him under his wing. fast forward 3 months and he is now officially part of the Enfermo Kutz team. His main goal is to master all of the cuts and get comfortable with different styles and different hair textures. He is a great service provider and a great barber. Come by and check it out for yourself!

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